The Vision of the Governor, His Excellency, Engr. Dave Umahi

I dream of an Ebonyi Sate that will be a land of abundant opportunities where every man and woman will live life to their fullest potentials, a land where citizens lives and liberties are safe guarded and properties, a land where citizens lives and security where no one is oppressed. I dream of a united Ebonyi where no one suffers discrimination on account of gender, tongue or creed.

I dream of a land where every child will have access to qualitative and constructive education and where qualitative and affordable to all; a land where the fruits of our soil can be harnessed to put food on the table of every Ebonyian and thereby banish hunger; a land that brims with employment opportunities for our teeming population.

My dream is that we produce men and women who will not be derided as truck pushers and street traders on road traffic, but me and women who will be renowned as leaders in all spheres of human Endeavour: in politics as in the academics, in the arts as in the sciences and technology, I agriculture as in commerce and industry; in sports, culture and entertainment as in religion.

The full manifestation of this dream will be the creation, through our collective efforts of an Ebonyi State where our skilled youths like elsewhere will be the most valuable resource; our citizens are warm and friendly, because they are free from want; where there is social justice and where there is true FREEDOM and PROSPERITY.

My development strategy shall be based on three key pillars codenamed PIE. They include:

My pledge is to lead Ebonyi people to make a much bigger PIE of our collective prosperity.



Our mission is to enhance the welfare of our people and empower all Ebonyians to be self-Radiant through the compassionate delivery of transparent and God fearing Governance based on integrity and dignity.




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