SWOT & GAP Analysis of our strategies

In appreciating the efficacy of the ministry’s strategic action plan, an internal analysis to identity the ministry’s strengths and weakness and an external analysis to reveal our opportunities and traits is vital. The intention is to generate, through SWOT analysis, a strategic plan profile. The gap analysis reveals:

  1. Challenges to be tackled or addressed
  2. Identify where we are right now based on attributes
  3. Where we want to be after a specific time
  4. Identify gap between (ii) and (iii)
  5. How to bridge the gap

The ministry’s programmes which are tailored towards SME development wealth creation, economic empowerment, poverty alleviation and import substitution can turn around the economic fortunes of the state in particular and Nigeria in general. Specifically the following projects can “leapfrog” the empowerment of youths and women, job creation and economic fortunes and development of the state.

  1. Empowering the youths, women and retires through training on production of De-ionized liquid detergent.
  2. Empowering the youths, women and retirees through training on football manufacturing Technology which is a virgin but lucrative area in Africa.
  3. Establishing of Agro-based programs such as:-
    - Castor seed growing and processing
    - Oil palm production and processing
    - Cassava production and processing
  4. Establishment of skills Acquisition centers in all the Local Government Areas of Ebonyi state which house modern and traditional trades for training of youth and women.
  5. Establishment of minor-organic fertilizer production plant etc.


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