Objectives of the program

The programme is aimed at:

  1. Creating 325 direct jobs and an estimated 1,500 indirect jobs in Ebonyi State
  2. Improving the employment opportunities for women and youths in Ebonyi state
  3. Alleviating poverty in the rural areas of the state.
  4. Assisting the participants develop the acquired skills for self sustenance.
  5. Educating participants to appreciate the importance of payment of taxes to the government for increased internally generated revenues (IGR). The ministry believes that when people are empowered, they can then be in a better position to contribute to the economic development of the state through payment of taxes and other statutory levies to the Government.
  6. Assisting Ebonyi Youths engage in meaningful economic ventures that are necessary to discourage them from engaging in anti-social activities.
  7. It is a known fact that social crimes are on the increase among the youths due to idleness, poverty and hunger. The Ebonyi YouWin programme is expected to bring to bring the desired solution to the prevailing youth unemployment and its consequences.



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