Methodology and Approach

The program is divided into four stages which every participant must pass through. These include:

The first stage

This stage will be ON-LINE DATA REGISTRATION OF THE WOULD BE AWARDEES of the scheme. The applicants would go to the program website to apply for participation in the program. It will be open for state indigenes of the thirteen local Government areas who wish to participate.

The second stage

This stage will be COMPREHENSIVE BUSINESS PLAN SUBMISSION after which the marketing of the business plan starts, successful winners in the application will be invited for intensive business plan interview to bring out the best finalist and winners in the competition.

The third stage

The best finalist and award winners in the interview will be invited for a 2-day intensive business development training and after which an MOU will be assigned between the Ebonyi state Government and the Awardees for proper implementation of the scheme.

The awardees will win a grant depending on their business needs.

The final stage

The disbursed funds will be in three batches to the successful beneficiaries. The Ministry in partnership with SMEDAN will effectively monitor them and mentor them to ensure that the fund given to them is judiciously used for the set purpose. There is need for proper monitoring at this stage to avoid mismanagement of the fund and overall let down of the goal of the government in embarking on this scheme.





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