Message from the Commissioner's desk

The strategic plan of action of the Hon. Commissioner is captured in the following messages from the commissioner’s desk. I am most pleased to present the ministry of economic empowerment and job creation’s first ever four years strategic action plan covering the period of 2015 – 2019. The strategic action plan document comprehensively outlines the mandate of the ministry and its obligations towards fulfilling its administrative, operational and corporate governance responsibilities.

The plan builds on near non-existing administrative structural foundation due to perhaps, long years of stay without commissioner.

The strategic action plan sets out both our short-term and long-term strategic directives for me which will particularly challenging. But I am optimistic that it will no doubt, play a key roll in steering the policy direction of the ministry and the state at large in the coming years.

The plans are focused on a number of goals which will address key issues and contribute to the achievement of the ministry’s vision. These include the ability of the ministry of improve the economic potentials of Ebonyians and Ebonyi state at large. The desire to strengthen the social and economic infrastructure of the state and the development of a more sustainable environment devoid of crime and youth restiveness has been a challenge. The consistent slogan theme has been poverty alleviation or education but is our determination to balance the requirements and needs for implementation of policies tailored towards tackling these slogan. The strategic plan provides a focus for the planning processes so that all stake holders, the state Government, the ministry, staff of the ministry, fund providers etc will clearly see their roles and responsibility to deliver and, and that is why I insisted that there should be the need to include monitoring from the onset. In pursuance of the implementation of these policies, I wish to implore that there should be maximum cooperation and partnership across ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of the state and inter- disciplinary expertise and individuals at all levels. If these projects can be natured and developed, we shall be in a better position to deal with the challenges that lie ahead of us all.

The strategic plan offers bold vision for future of our youths including women and generation yet unborn. I am grateful to the team and many people who have contributed in drafting this document which plays out four main goals and accompany objectives for the next four years.

Collectively we must be prepared to devote our energies and resources to accompanies these mission and vision of our amiable Governor, his Excellency, Engr. Chief David Umahi Nweze (Akubaraoha). I am proud of him and glad he has given me the opportunity to serve in his administration.



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