Strategy for feedback, monitoring and evaluation of the strategic plans

Monitoring, Evaluation and Feedback are keys to the success of every plan. A good plan action becomes effective and solution bound when a mechanism for feedback is installed. The organ in charge of the plan within the organization also needs feedback from the users/operators of the plan. This proactively, enables identification and measurement of bottle-necks achievements and other critical factors associated with the planned activity. There is also a need to monitor and evaluate such plans. To do this, milestones, or sub-objectives should be established to ensure that the roadmap to achieving the objective is followed. This entails the monitoring and evaluation of the action to achieve the objective.

This in turn translates to a way to control the process.

The executive decision taken may involve the adjustment of original plans or imputes to future operations. Every plan no matter how beautiful and effective it might be must be subjected to periodic reviews and strategic plan should not be an exception.


 Feedback from the operators of the plan as well as from within and without the organization will form the plank material for such a review.

Questionnaires will be prepared and administered to operator and the general public for the responses that can lead to review to keep the strategic plan on right track.


  1. The strategic plan will be implemented using the Ministry’s annual reports.
  2. Allocation of budget cost for each project by the state government and other sources of grants/credit facilities like banks and foreign organizations.
  3. Human resources needed for implementation period will be decided by the ministry for Economic Empowerment and Job creation.
  4. Work plan will be decided for each project
  5. A strategic action planning committee will be formed to supervise the implementation of the strategic plan with the experts who contributed to this plan.
  6. The strategic plan implementation committee will generate their feedback through visitations, questionnaires, complaints in form of public memoranda and other forms of information gathering and send the feedback to the government for action.
  7. Develop a project implementation chart to be pasted in each ministry of the state and other strategic places.
  8. A linkage office will be created whose duty should be to write and apply for open calls for project grants and seek collaborations from national and international partners in order to fill the budgetary deficit or gap of the government in order to achieve synergy.

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